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For more than 60 years on the Market, Celmar Moveis has become a reference on the furniture sector highlighting itself through many differentials offered by the brand.
Using selected feedstock associated to high technology equipment result in high quality products.
Respecting the environment is also a Celmar’s policy, that’s why all plates used in our furniture production come from renewable forest, ecologically handled.

Mission: Celmar’s proposal is to add quality, good taste and durability from its products, so that people can enjoy a harmonious life.


Vision: To be recognized as a reference brand, that is willing to increase market share also increasing economic value to your business. Always being compromised with the environment and our contributor’s security.


Values: Generate business value; commitment and passion for our brand; fidelity to our clients; value our contributors and a healthy relationship with the community.



Inaugurated in 1950 as “Marcenaria Sarzedas”, Celmar began its history in a small basement of an old house in the center of the city of São Paulo. In the 60's the trajectory of success begins with the production changing to an area of approximately one thousand square meters and the new stores opening in the city of São Paulo.


The main furniture factories work with two basic raw materials: MDF (medium density panels produced from reforested wood fibers) and MDP (medium density panels produced from wood particles). The characteristics of each of them define its application. For example: MDF sheets are used for machining, since MDP sheets have greater functionality in flat and smooth parts.

Both are given the same technique and are compatible with hardware systems and fastening devices. So they can be applied together without compromising its performance.

Panned furniture fits in any environment and fully fills the space available for cabinets installation, this is possible thanks to customized manufacturers production, who still offer a huge finishing variety and accessories.

Modular furniture limits customer choice as manufacturers pre-set module sizes and offer a smaller finishing variety and accessories.

Due to the finishing variety, accessories and measurements, it is not possible to make a value estimative without designing the environment first, as the final price varies according to the needs and desires of each customer.

Full use of the spaces is the main advantage of the Cabineture, the environment personalization has become a necessity in the new conception of houses, apartments and offices. In addition, Cabineture can ally design and conform in a harmonic and sophisticated way.

Since 1950 making dreams come true

Know our history.

Company foundation

Workshop located at Conde de Sarzedas street in the city of São Paulo.

Móveis Planejados SP » Company foundation 1950

First brand adds

Móveis Planejados SP » First brand adds 1956

First participations in fairs and sector events

Móveis Planejados SP » First participations in fairs and sector events 1961

First big headquarter

First big Celmar headquarter with the restauration of Conde de Sarzedas castle in São Paulo downtown.

Móveis Planejados SP » First big headquarter 1969

Headquarter change

Buildings acquisition and Moema headquarter transferring

Móveis Planejados SP » Headquarter change 1981

Salto de Pirapora factory

New fabric unit’s construction at Salto de Pirapora – SP.

Móveis Planejados SP » Salto de Pirapora factory 1985

Chain store

Stores expansion around Brazil

Móveis Planejados SP » Chain store 1989

Modulated kitchens

Modulated kitchens first constructions.

Móveis Planejados SP » Modulated kitchens 1990

Shopping Móveis Moema

Shopping Móveis Moema opening. The new enterprise headquarter transforms itself in furniture mall after enlargement.

Móveis Planejados SP » Shopping Móveis Moema 1992

Industrial Park

Enlargement and modernization of our industrial park

Móveis Planejados SP » Industrial Park 2008

International market

Chain expansion to abroad. Mercosul and USA.

Móveis Planejados SP » International market 2012

Celmar enterprises

Celmar enterprises resumed

Móveis Planejados SP » Celmar enterprises 2015
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